Honorable Mentions:

Alexis G. Morales, 6th Dan Isshinryu Karate, Melbourne Fl.

“I have been a part of the Dragonfly Dojo Family for over five years. It seems like it was yesterday, when my son and I first came to Florida trying to fine a place to continue to practice my beloved Isshinryu Karate. Sensei Ear Souto open his Dojo to us as part of his Dojo family. Many memories later, a lot of sweat, bruises, hard work and new friends, but most of all the satisfaction to see our students excel in and outside the Dojo. Karate has given us a lot, like the warm feeling of a big family with the objective of teaching the new generation the art of karate. They all have gained a lot from their training with Sensei Ers Souto and with no doubt the leadership, confidence and self discipline obtained will always be the best tools for their futures.  I now teach in my two car garage and visit Sensei Souto dojo as often as I can.”

Ross Hinkle 4th Dan Isshinryu Karate, Titusville Fl.

“Sensei Ers Souto and I discovered that we had a small world story to share at a workout in Orange City at Sensei Holubecki's Dojo several years ago. It so happens that Sensei Ers was teaching Karate at the University of Tennessee in a building next door to where I was studying for my graduate degree in the 1970s.  We had no idea that the other existed until we met at that Orange City workout.  After that first introduction we have found that we are Brothers in the one-heart-way.  We are also friends that respect and cherish each others skills and dedication to learning the Martial Art of Isshin-ryu karate.  I consider him one of my best friends and one of the most dedicated Karateka that I know.  I say Karateka because that is what we all are in the ongoing training and constant effort to become the best that Master Shimabuku would expect.  We have a great network of friends and we should all cherish every opportunity we can to work out together and to improve our skills.  I commend Sensei Souto for his Dojo, the success of his students and his open-heart-way when it comes to working out in his Dojo. My students and I cherish the opportunities we get to leave our garage Dojo at my house in Titusville and take a field trip to Melbourne.  I greatly respect what Sensei Ers has done to advance the Isshin-ryu network in a way we can all be proud to be a part.  Thanks Sensei Ers Souto, brother, friend, and fellow Karateka.”

The following Testimonials where provided by students of Sensei Souto:

Raymond Read, 2nd Dan:

“Going to the Dragonfly Dojo is something I can look forward to everyday. The obvious benefits are better heath, staying in shape, and relieving stress.  There are many less obvious benefits as well, benefits that not only improve you health but your mind and spirit as well.  Some places are all about beating each other up, but here it’s about building each other up. The longevity from the type of training done at this dojo by Sensei Souto will allow you to train for decades and not burn out your body before your prime. I have been training for many years and I’m always learning new thing about karate, myself, and others daily.”

Tami Garside, 1st Dan:

“Material Arts is a lifestyle.  To train in the way involves some key elements:

1. Teachers...  Sensei Souto is incredibly knowledgeable , his experiences and passion for Isshinryu creates an atmosphere that encourages me to commit to training hard and always strive to improve.

2. Style...  Isshinryu Karate do is a style that embodies everything, it’s a complete system. It’s simple, direct, and requires continuous practice to understand and improve

3. Dojo...  The Dragonfly Dojo is a place to train that is serious yet welcoming.  It’s save and comfortable. It’s motivating to train with people that are committed to showing up and training hard.”

Sam, Brown Belt:

"Being a part of the dojo has opened up new avenues in my life. It helps me find the strength within myself to focus and work towards who I want to be."

Paul Polich, Green Belt:

“As a past member of Dragonfly Dojo, I look back at my training there with pride and fondness. Sensei Souto and his dedicated students provide wise guidance and good friendship on the path to achieving one's goals in the martial arts. I feel Isshin-ryu is an excellent system for developing quick self-defense skills, grace of movement, and strong physical conditioning. During my training I developed new heights of personal confidence and self-discipline, both inside and outside the dojo. While I continue training, in my new city I have yet to find such a great place to grow in this art as Dragonfly Dojo.”

Carlos Ortiz, 1st Dan:

“What can I say about the Dragon fly dojo?  Well, all I can say is it was fate that I Carlos Ortiz moved to the same street that master Souto of the Dragon fly dojo was living and out of all of the excuses in the world to run into some one, we had the most God sent of them all (a HURRICANE in 2004 I’m sure most of us can remember that right?) Well I can remember after the Hurricane I came out to see what the damages were, and being from up north I was expecting total chaos, but instead what I saw was this man walking with long hair in the flooded street wearing shorts and long rubber boots being so nice to all of the neighbors and cleaning the debris left from the Hurricane.  I was thinking who in the world is this guy and then he comes up to me with a great big smile and say’s hello new neighbors my name is Ers if there is anything that you need please let me know. I was thinking is this guy for real and yes he was just the way I have just described him to you kind and considerate towards his entire neighbors.

I started the art of Isshinryu karate in Buffalo, New York from Sensei Mike Lee Sikes on Rhode Island Street in his house.  All that I knew was the Seisan kata, the upper and lower basics, some extra hand weapons for the upper body basics.   So one day my neighbor next door to me say’s hey man Mr. Souto is a Sensei in Isshinryu Karate I was like no way is it possible that I moved to Florida and my neighbor across from me is a Teacher of the art that I was taking when I was living at Buffalo, NY.  So I went to him and said hello Mr. Souto my name is Carlos and I have just learned from my next door neighbor, that you are a teacher of the art of Isshinryu karate and so began my journey to achieving my shodan in Isshinryu karate.  When I first started going to the Dragon fly dojo, I would come out like a crazy beast kicking and punching the air trying to impress Sensei, but it was like the more I tried to go forward the farther back I would go.  I could not understand it at first, but in time I learned to become one with the art you need to learn self control and to be soft when its required and then hard when it was required.  I learned that my biggest opponent was myself.  I felt like a whole new person every time I left the dojo, because no matter how stressful of a day I had at work, as soon as I took my bow and entered the mats it was a world of its own.  I am glad I made Isshinryu karate a part of my life.


It’s been almost 8 years now and I consider Mr. Sensei Souto like my big brother.   Sensei thank you for teaching me, the art of Isshinryu Karate-Do, I am your most humble student Carlos Ortiz.”